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Reinforcing Additive Manufacturing research cooperation between the Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute and the European Research Area


The overall aim of the AdM-ERA project is to integrate the Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (CMRDI) into the European Research Area (ERA), by developing cooperation with European research and innovation organisations in its 2 strongest research topics: A) Additive Manufacturing of Ti and CoCr alloys based prostheses, and B) Additive Manufacturing of biocompatible ceramic materials: HA, PEEK and TCP.

These are research topics highly relevant to the FP7 NMP and FP7 PPP-FoF work programmes.

Additive Manufacturing (AdM) is a generic name for layer based manufacturing techniques that create physical models directly from computer data without the need for tooling. Using AdM, products can be made from plastics, metals or ceramics by depositing and joining material in a layer by layer process.

CMRDI is a major research centre with a high potential for integration into ERA. AdM research work started in 2004 within CMRDI, in Egypt. This AdM-ERA proposal aims to develop the CMRDI research capacities to explore novel applications such as the additive manufacturing of human-specific prostheses from titanium, cobalt chrome and bio-ceramic materials using high energy laser based selective laser melting systems. CMRDI now seeks to develop its AdM capabilities further by partnering with European research partners who can bring specific areas of expertise in Additive manufacturing technology and techniques.

The AdM-ERA project will build upon CMRDI’s existing strengths as a high-quality research institution via capacity building activities with the following 3 excellent European research and innovation organisations: i) Loughborough University, ii) Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, and iii)Intelligentsia Consultants Ltd.

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