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Baltic Summer School 2006 to 2009


The Medical Faculties of the Universities of Copenhagen, Kiel and Lund have established the Baltic Summer School to combine their efforts in the education of young, particularly early stage re-searchers. The concept of this initiative is to train young sci entists in a translational research con-cept from genes and molecules to integrative biology and clinical issues. For the years 2006-2009 the faculties apply for 8 events (4 Baltic Summer School courses [BSS] and 4 Baltic Lab Courses [BLC]), one BSS and on e BLC in each year. The events focus on topics specifically addressed in FP7 in the main activities of the thematic area Health. In 2006 the two events will take place in Kiel on the topic "Stem Cell Biology: future perspectives and possible treatment opti ons"; 2007 in Lund on "Inflammation: a key for understanding common complex diseases"; 2008 in Copenhagen on "Basic and clinical aspects of cardiac arrhythmia's"; 2009 in Kiel on "Genetic basis in Medicine". Whereas BSS focuses on the conceptual issues of the topic in a series of in-depth lectures, discus-sions, seminars and round-tables, the focus of BLC lies in training and transfer of new methods and technologies (engaging the best laboratories in the participating Universities). The majority of the part icipants will come from Europe, as previously special preference will be given to young female researchers and to participants from less favoured European regions. The lectures will be given by highly profiled international scientists with a considerable n umber of female lecturers. Aim of BSS/BLC is to enhance Europe's competitiveness in the mentioned very important fields of inter-national biomedical research and to attract the best young scientists to post-doc positions within the Europe. BSS and BLC will also allow to build pan-european scientific networks and to structure collaborations between labs and research groups in European Key Regions.'


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