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Spectral Imaging for Contaminant Detection on Fresh Food Produce


This project will focus on the development and validation of spectral imaging sensing technologies for the detection of contaminated and defective fresh produce, and chemical and biological contamination on food products and processing surfaces. The goal of this project is to improve the safety and quality of produce consumed by the public. This work will focus primarily on fresh fruits and vegetables, such as leafy greens, that have been associated with serious agri-food safety related outbreaks, as well as other common products such as apples and tomatoes. Near infrared hyperspectral imaging systems will incorporate multitasking capabilities which allow users to select desired inspection criteria, and to optimize wavelengths and thresholds to address changes in produce characteristics on-the-fly. To address the industry-identified need to survey produce in-field for fecal contamination, technology to detect feces in produce fields will be developed based on a laser-induced fluorescence imaging technology. To address the potential to detect chemical and biological substances of agri-food safety interest, a novel Raman macro-scale imaging system will be developed and validated. This project will provide comprehensive tools for protection of consumers, and prevention of economic losses for the agri-food and health sectors.

The specific objectives of this research are:
(1) Development and validation of multitask in-line real-time inspection technologies for small to large processors that simultaneously detect contaminants and defects of fruits and vegetables.
(2) Development and validation of portable spectral imaging sensing technologies for detecting the presence of chemical and biological contaminants on food products (in-field pre-harvest and during processing post-harvest) and processing surfaces.

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