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Advanced control of renewable energy generation systems based on fuel cells\wind power


"The European Union is conscious about the fundamental problems arisen from the current energy system, based mainly on hydrocarbons and has a firm commitment to encourage renewable energy technologies research. Among experts in energy there is a growing trend to promote Decentralised Electrical Generation Systems (DEGS) with modular efficient non polluting generation plants. DEGS that incorporate hydrogen as an energetic vector are of particular interest. Hydrogen can be easily produced, stored and efficiently converted into electricity by means of fuel cells, adding great flexibility to DEGS. However, fuel cells based DEGS exhibit complex non linear behaviour, have inaccessible variables and withstand severe disturbances, so special controllers are required. A wide range of linear controllers have been already proposed, but the validity of the results cannot be extrapolated. The development of advanced control systems for fuel cell based DEGS that incorporate renewable energy sources is then not merely a challenging area of research, but is also a field of great interest for environmental, social, economic and strategic reasons.
The key aim of this project is the development of advanced controllers capable to improve the efficiency of fuel cells\wind power based DEGS. They will be implemented and tested in the ACES labs in Barcelona. The results of this implementation will be used to assess the theoretical developments and will also provide a technology demonstrator to aid technology transfer to industry. The main objectives of the proposed project are threefold:
- Scientific. Advanced controllers will be developed to improve the efficiency of DEGS
- Knowledge transfer. The Visiting Professor will instruct and train the host group in new control techniques, particularly higher order sliding mode.
- Strategic. The Visiting Professor will advise the host group in the new trends of renewable energies generation systems integration and control."

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