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"Europeanisation, Classicism and Local Tradition: A Material Culture Perspective on People and Built Environments in a Post-Medieval Northern World"


"It is becoming clear today that post-medieval archaeology and material culture studies can make a significant contribution to the understanding of how the post-medieval modern world emerged and developed. The purpose of ECLAT is to develop a wholly new perspective on urban built environments and their significance for broader historical processes in the post-medieval world. This in turn will provide a novel approach to understanding the very dynamics of modernisation, the transformation of medieval world into industrialised nation states.

By focusing upon a Northern region of the post-medieval state of Sweden (c. AD 1600–1800), ECLAT will explore how this Northern periphery was gradually integrated in the European world, and how and why local traditions persisted. The general objective of ECLAT is to explore how classically inspired urban planning and building influenced the experience of urban environments and everyday life and thought in post-medieval Sweden, and how international trends interacted with local traditions in Northern Swedish towns. The 24-month project involves theoretical work and the case study of three towns (Tornio, Oulu, Kokkola). Archaeological, historical and other material are used to study changes and continuities in 1) urban form and spatial organization, 2) materials, structures and surfaces of buildings, and 3) the engagement with built environments and buildings.

The fellowship will enable me to bring my expertise in new relational ways of exploring human relationships with the material world in early modern Northern Europe to one of the leading centres of research in historical archaeology, which provides a remarkable combination of expertise within the fields of buildings archaeology, landscape archaeology and material culture studies."

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