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Protecting against obesity-induced chronic kidney disease using pro-resolving lipids


This project will explore the therapeutic potential of pro-resolving lipids in obesity-induced chronic kidney disease (CKD). The experienced researcher is Dr. Emma Börgeson and the mentors are Prof. Kumar Sharma (outgoing, University of California San Diego, USA) and Prof. Catherine Godson (return, University College Dublin, Ireland).

‘The epidemic of obesity poses one of the most serious public health challenges in the WHO European Region’ (WHO, 2006). Obesity is associated with chronic systemic low-grade inflammation. Failure to resolve this inflammation leads to development of associated complications such as CKD. The resolution of inflammation is actively regulated by endogenous pro-resolving lipid mediators, e.g. lipoxins (LXs) and resolvins (Rvs).

We hypothesise that 1) Pro-resolving lipids prevent obesity-induced adipose inflammation and thereby subvert kidney disease, 2) Humans developing obesity-related pathologies have impaired endogenous production of pro-resolving lipids. To investigate this we will assess the protective effects of pro-resolving lipids in animal models of obesity-induced kidney disease and elucidate the cellular signalling pathways involved (outgoing phase). We will correlate our findings to human obesity and investigate if development of obesity-related pathologies reflects an impairment of endogenous production of LXs and Rvs (return phase).

The synergy between Prof Sharma (expertise; obesity, CKD) and Prof Godson (expertise; inflammation, CKD) will provide a unique research opportunity to combine state of the art facilities and innovative research methodology. Dr. Börgeson will acquire significant technical skills, an international network as well as management, teaching and outreach experience. The fellowship will enhance her ability to secure a future career in European biomedical research.

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