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Game-theoretic Resource Allocation for wireless Networks based on Distributed and Cooperative Relaying Units


"GRAND-CRU (Game-theoretic Resource Allocation for wireless Networks based on Distributed and Cooperative Relaying Units) is a two-year research project that involves two institutions, the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione of the University of Pisa, Italy (the return host), and the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Princeton University, USA (the outgoing host). The main goal of the GRAND-CRU project is to design innovative techniques to address the issue of resource allocation in the context of relay-assisted multicarrier wireless infrastructure networks, in which the mobile users are connected to the base stations through multiple relays. The concept of cooperative relaying has attracted a large interest in the last few years due to its potential for improving coverage, throughput, call blocking probability, power efficiency, and infrastructure costs. Among other optimization techniques, game theory has gained a prominent role, due to its inherent capability of deriving self-enforcing schemes using distributed algorithms. The innovative idea behind this project is to include important aspects into the formulation of the optimization problem: the concept of energy-efficiency, which, to the best of our knowledge, has not been considered in the literature in the context of resource allocation for multicarrier relay-based networks; the focus on decode-and-forward techniques, to exploit the benefits of digital processing and channel error correction; the emphasis on low-complexity distributed algorithms for multi-cell scenarios, so as to propose viable solutions for realistic environments, with possible application to 4G and beyond-4G cellular networks. The GRAND-CRU project also aims at creating a long-term collaboration between the two host institutions, through exchange of scientists and joint collaborations to be undertaken at the end of the IOF contract, and to increase the European competitiveness in an industrially-appealing field of research."

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56126 Pisa

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Centro (IT) Toscana Pisa
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
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Roberta Razzi (Dr.)
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