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Transceiver Design for Distributed Wireless Networks


Due to the demand for high data transmission rates in modern wireless communication networks, recently there has been research interest in distributed systems operated through cooperation between network nodes. In contrast to contemporary centralized systems, there are certain issues that appear especially in distributed systems, such as node synchronization in terms of time/frequency, uncertainty due to local only channel state knowledge in the network, and power/bandwidth allocation among the network nodes, that require further study and optimization.

This proposal aims at developing advanced signal processing techniques for the design of distributed wireless schemes that are robust to time/frequency asynchronism among network nodes, focusing specially on distributed space-time coding, low-complexity receivers that incorporate channel uncertainty at different nodes in the network, and appropriate power/frequency allocation schemes. This will be achieved through the determination of relevant distributed optimization criteria, development of a novel methodology to obtain practical optimal schemes, and real-time evaluation of the proposed schemes to demonstrate their quality.

The PI's long-term research experience on several aspects of wireless communications is indicated by international journal and conference articles as well as participation in European and international research projects. Through the proposed project, the PI's interests and activities will be complemented and expanded towards the dimension of advanced optimization techniques in distributed wireless networks. The training and experience the PI is expected to receive from the outgoing host which is a major research institute in the US in the field of wireless networks will boost PI's career, professional maturity and independence, and long-term contribution to European research community through the return host institution which is a leading European research center in communications systems.

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Νησιά Αιγαίου Κρήτη Χανιά
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Vassilis Digalakis (Prof.)
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