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Precision Physics and Discovery at Hadron Colliders with Heavy Quarks


In the next years, due to the exceptional performances of the Tevatron and to the really promising start of activity of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, it will be possible to study Physics with high precision at an energy scale never reached so far. The study of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (EWSB) and the origin of mass, of the validity range of the Standard Model (SM) and the possible discovery of new phenomena beyond it, will push Particle Physics towards a deeper understanding of the laws that govern the Universe. Top-quark physics will play a crucial role, representing a unique probe of the dynamics that breaks the EW symmetry and then an active discovery channel for new physics. The research project here proposed will provide a complete and accurate theoretical description of the observables involved in the production and decay of top quarks at the LHC , both in the SM and in models of new physics. We propose a detailed study of the QCD NNLO corrections to the top-antitop production in hadronic collisions, considering the decay products of the top, with the implementation of such a corrections in a public Monte Carlo event generator for a reliable phenomenological study. Moreover, a complete, model-independent, analysis at the NLO of the top-antitop pair and single-top productions in presence of new resonant states will be carried out. Also in this case, the results will be implemented in a Monte Carlo event generator. The goals of such a project are: 1) to set up the state of the art for the SM predictions as reference for phenomenological analysis of New Physics, 2) to find hints for the study of the properties of the New Physics, 3) to find new techniques and new strategies for multi-loop calculations in a new precision era of Particle Physics.

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