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Computational Multiscale Neuron Mechanics

Final Report Summary - COMUNEM (Computational Multiscale Neuron Mechanics)

COMUNEM focussed on the development of a neuron multiphysics multiscale simulations platform. More precisely, the project was targeting two pilot problems: a) neuronal electrophysiological alteration following a mechanical insult, and b) axonal growth. To this end COMUNEM led to the development of multiphysics scale-dedicated numerical models mutually informed and calibrated. The validation step was accomplished by use of a multiphysics experimental setup aimed at testing the relevant properties of individual neurons.

Among the most distinctive outputs of this project are the creation of models able to reproduce and predict some of the characteristic features of traumatic brain injury: a) at the cell scale with the prediction of electrophysiological properties alteration during neuron stretch or compression, and b) at the brain scale with the prediction of cognitive deficits in rats and humans submitted to blast waves.

In the latter case in particular, and making direct use of the model, a patent was filed to propose a new method to protect the human head from blast waves.

After submission of the remaining papers, COMUNEM will have led to 25 publications (15 already published at the time of writing this report, 4 in preparation and 6 under review), 40 presentations, 4 software, 1 patent.