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Powder Protected Cardan Chain in Industrial Floor Conveyors

Final Report Summary - PROTECC (Powder Protected Cardan Chain in Industrial Floor Conveyors)

Powder coating is a favourite coating for metallic surfaces all around the world due to it having good adhesion, high resistance to wear and due to the fact that it can be recovered relatively easy and is known as being environmental friendly. However, powder coating lines have been developed only for the use with Chain overhead conveyors (COC) and Floor skid conveyors (FSC), which are transporting the parts to be coated. But a significant big part of the industry applying coatings in their production cannot use COC and FSC systems because of to heavy weight of the product or abrasion which may fall on the freshly painted parts. This leaves many companies - mainly the automotive industry - with the problem that they cannot use powder coatings for surface treatment and have to stick to less environmentally friendly liquid coatings.

The aim of the PROTECC project was to develop a novel chain floor conveyor system for powder application. CFC systems consist of a chain track with an integrated cardan chain running through the track. The chain in some cases also is equipped with pusher dogs into which the anchor of the carrier is hooked. The chain transports the loaded carrier throughout the entire production line.

PROTECC will impact the industry in a number of areas, including:
- improved competitiveness: fabricators of conveying systems will gain a new product that can be sold in the automotive industry for painting lines;
- environmental aspects: the PROTECC system will enable many companies in the automotive industry to change from the use of liquid coatings to powder coating which are far more environmental friendly, due to the fact that the overspray can be collected for reuse;
- quality of life, health, safety: concerning healthy working conditions and / or quality of life in general, the use of the PROTECC system will contribute in the way of reducing overspray waste, which won't exist any longer. Also, the cleaning of powder from cabins is far easier for the workforce;
- increase of skill level: last but not least the PROTECC system will increase the skill level for the fabricators of the system as well as for the operator using and running it.

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