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Society as infrastructure for e-science via technology, innovation and creativity

Descripción del proyecto

Coordination actions, conferences and studies supporting policy development, including international cooperation, for e-Infrastructures

The Socientize project will coordinate all the agents involved in the citizen science setting the basis of this new open science paradigm promoting the usage of the infrastructures composed by dedicated and external resources which are based on scientists and amateur people. It will set a network where infrastructure providers and scientific researchers will join with the society recruiting volunteers that perform science at home. With the citizen science term we mean both a) the participation of people in the scientific process, i.e. By collecting and analysing scientific data or by contributing with their own resources to form the research infrastructure, and b) the development of socio-artistic activities and dissemination material of scientific results for them.
People will contribute with their own knowledge and resources participating in an active way. As we propose to open e-infrastructure to the people, even considering the knowledge and the time of the citizen scientists as part of the resources that constitute the infrastructure, he present here an innovative concept: the human-based e-infrastructure ("he-infrastructure"). These infrastructure allow researchers to deploy new studies, dealing with large-scale data. For instance, the research over the socio-technological networks is allowing to emerge a new collective intelligence able to deploy innovative scientific tasks.
SOCIENTIZE will deploy a set of applications enabling volunteers as scientists and showing the capabilities of open resources. But the project will be focused in open workshops and conferences where the partnership will set the basis of the interaction with all the stakeholders. As a result of the discussions held in the SOCIENTIZE fora, we will present a white-book with the strategy for the citizen science enhancement, compiling best cases experiences and policy recommendations for "he-infrastructure" providers, scientific end-users, artists and the society in general.

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