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Towards advanced road transport for the urban environment


The objective of the CityMobil project is to achieve a more effective organisation of urban transport, resulting in a more rational use of motorised traffic with less congestion and pollution, safer driving, a higher quality of living and an enhanced integration with spatial development. This objective is brought closer by developing integrated traffic solutions: advanced concepts for innovative autonomous and automated road vehicles for passengers and goods, embedded in an advanced spatial setting. The city of tomorrow is in need of integrated traffic solutions that provide the required mobility in an efficient, safe and economic manner. It is inevitable that automation, in all possible forms between providing information at one end of the spectrum and fully autonomous driving at the other, will play a major role. We wish to make significant steps forward that will, on the short to medium term, support a sustainable development of European cities.
The long term solution may be found in a more balanced split between high-capacity transport modes like buses; trains and metros, which have the advantage of space and energy efficiency and more individual transport modes, offered by innovative vehicles with the advantage of flexibility and availability. A good mix of these two modes will enable cities to offer improved mobility to all citizens while improving the quality of life and the sustainability of the environment.
The CityMobil project will build on the results of recent European and national projects and will validate and demonstrate the capabilities of new mobility solutions in different European cities. In 6 horizontal sub-projects the issues that still prevent full scale implementation of innovative automated transport systems will be investigated and solutions will be developed. In two cities, Helsinki/Vantaa and Rome, large scale demonstrators will be set up to supply proof of concept of innovative transport systems integrated in the urban environment.

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