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Genomic and imaging approaches to intracellular signaling


Cellular Homeostasis is the overall interplay between exogenous signals, intracellular transduction of the signal and the cellular response, which invariably involves changes in the gene expression program. Elucidating the mechanisms underlying these basi c essential properties of all cells constitutes the crux of modern Biology. Research at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the Biomedical Science Research Centre Al. Fleming focuses on elucidation of the molecular mechanisms involved in in terpreting signals received by cells during development, by growth factors, viral infection, and neuronal function. The Investigators of the Institute have exhibited remarkable research achievements in Europe and the U.S.A. and currently, are continuing t heir pursuit of scientific excellence in Greece. In this application we seek postdoctoral researchers with expertise in Functional Genomics, Bioinformatics and advanced Confocal Microscopy. The new investigators in collaboration with Researchers in the I nstitute will advance current knowledge in several topics including global transcription, control of protein localization and cellular compartmentalization responses of cells to various stimuli. We predict that these approaches to cellular signaling appli ed to the individual systems at the disposal of each of our Investigators will contribute significantly to our understanding of the unifying principles that govern the complexity of responses in many biological systems. The Research Centre provides an unu sually rich and stimulating environment for professional growth to young European Investigators. New Investigators will have the opportunity to work and train with a coherent multidisciplinary group and to perform highly competitive research in an Instit ute that has been awarded Excellence in Research, despite being operational only for two years.

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