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Optimal Electrical Powertrain via Adaptable Voltage and Transmission Ratio

Descripción del proyecto

Supplements to strengthen cooperation in ICT R&D in an enlarged European Union

AVTR addresses the development of the complete Electrical powertrain optimised as a whole of systems:
- Energy saving in pure urban drive up to 20% with respect to state of-the-art fixed transmission ratio,- Avoid the use of Permanent Magnet Motors because non optimal elements when integrated in a multi ratios transmission PWT. When designing for energy savings, the maximum efficiency is calculated for the overall PWT over the urban drive, the most suitable motor is the one that matches at the best the rest of the powertrain rather than the motor having the highest peak efficiency,- Address the application to the largest market context (vehicles ranging in weight less than 1000kg),- High fun to drive because of the adaptable transmission ratio allowing best acceleration in all conditions,- Application of 32 bit processing for fast change of Voltage and Transmission Ratio- Overall cost reduction per a defined range because of the reduced battery capacity- Demonstration of the operation of a fail safefail-safe four wheel drive by the coupling of two AVTRs systems in the front and rear axels- Reduced cost of ownership and maintanaincemaintenance for the end user due a significant reduction of energy use and overall electromechanical stress.
The ambitious objectives are obtained by integrating in a single air cooled compact module: high- power electronic and related intelligence performing variable DC-DC converters and motor drive, asynchronous motor, Variable transmission block and differential.
Early demonstration of the technology will be made by preparing specific AVTRs to be installed on a FEV of new concepts for urban mobility and easily adaptable to the majority of electrical vehicles that will be sold before 2020.

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