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Energising the Building Sector!


Construction, maintenance and operation of buildings are some of Europe’s most energy-consuming activities since about 40 % of the total energy use corresponds to buildings. That notwithstanding, the building sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, materials and processes to reduce energy consumption and climate impact.

This project is about spreading awareness, motivation and information within the building supply chain, particularly concentrating on those upstream stakeholders who will influence choices of technologies, materials, processes and designs philosophies.
The overall objective is to reduce energy consumption in the construction and building sector.
The specific objectives are:
• Increased awareness in the building supply chain, particularly the SMEs, concerning the need and value of reducing energy consumption
• Strengthened incentives for all stakeholders to strive towards reduced energy consumption in the design, construction, operation and renovation of buildings
• Improved access to information about energy-efficient practices, technologies and methodologies
• Improved ability to compare and rate the overall energy efficiency of different products and services against each other

The stated objectives will be reached by setting up a trans-regional network and infrastructure of technology experts, specialists in communications with SMEs and technology brokers.The network will address the identified problems by means of a number of hands-on measures. The main thrust of the project will be centered on a series of seminars and workshops and the launch of a Smartphone Application (“App”). These main actions will be supported by an Internet site and several other activities that will add to the effectiveness of the project as a whole, for instance setting up a reference group of industry representatives and liaising with end-users and public stakeholders to reach all parts of the value chain.

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