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STable high-capacity lithium-Air Batteries with Long cycle life for Electric cars


Electric car is considered as the most promising technical solution for automotive industries in 21st century since the use of electric energy not only slows down the petrol consumption but also contribute to reduce the CO2 emission and toxic air pollutants.
Due to its good performance, Li-ion battery is generally studied to meet the above demands. However, it is still not satisfactory for long distance use because of its limited energy density. Therefore Li-air batteries have attracted worldwide attentions as an ideal alternative, because their outstanding energy density is extremely high compared to other rechargeable batteries.
In this project, a multidisciplinary work team in materials synthesis and characterization, cell assembly and test will cooperate to perform a joint research to deliver a Li-air battery cell for EVs with high capacity and long cycle life in laboratory scale.
This project focuses on innovations of battery anode, cathode, electrolyte materials and technologies, as well as assembly of batteries cells which are crucial on battery performance, cost and environmental impact. Improvement of lifetime and cyclability of Li-air batteries through finding highly active bifunctional catalysts to effectively regenerate batteries, protecting the Li anode from dendrites formation using suitable membranes and obtaining stable electrolyte with additives to render solubility of Li2O2 that blogs on cathode will be studied.
Activities will focus especially on 1) optimization of cathode structures; 2) the selection of active catalysts and dehydration membranes; 3) modification of anode structure with necessary protecting layers, additives or surfactants; 4)modification of electrolyte properties. The final aim is to obtain Li-air battery cells with specific capacity of >2000mAh/g and an improvement of cycle life to 100-150 cycles.

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