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Progressive Oil Sensor System for Extended Identification ON-Line


POSSEIDON addresses the development of a complete sensor-based processing unit that can continuously monitor ships lubricated systems, in particular main propulsion and power generating engines, to provide effective scrutiny over its serviceable life. It will monitor the main properties of lube oil (LO) and indicate oil degradation and contamination.
This will enable:
- to recognise problems and take remedial action
-extended engine life of both LO and engine components
-reduction of LO waste disposal (currently 2M tons/yr)
-avoidance of unscheduled downtime and catastrophic failure
-the incorporation of planned/proactive maintenance and condition monitoring
-enhanced understanding for engine operation/design
-reduced dependence on inadequate land based analyses and field tests
-to integrate LO status into shipboard management and remote control.
LO is the lifeblood of propulsion and power generating engines. Any quality failure leaves the vessel, its cargo, the community onboard and even the envi ronment in a jeopardy situation. Propulsion engines can circulate 40 tons of LO that is exposed to aging and contamination factors like fresh and sea water, fuel oil and the products of combustion. Precise analysis in the lab is confronted unreasonable per iods between analyses.
Field tests for basic LO parameters attempt to bridge this vulnerability gap but LO quality remains a void in the engine management system basically necessary for higher safety, reduced operation costs and to reduce environmental dam age.
Progress in technology and science now enables us to address this long-stand problem. POSSEIDON presents a truly transnational and multidisciplinary group that forms a strong platform on which to carry out this work. 8 partners from 5 countries will benefit from their specialised knowledge in technology, lubrication, methodology, optics, fluidics and end user needs and applications. The POSSEIDON sensor will be a new generation of product.

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