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Power generation during loading and unloading


PLUG is a new concept of power interface between LNG or container carriers, using electric propulsion, and terminals allowing them to provide or receive power from the local grid Plug is focused on the development and qualification of a quick connect/disconnect power interface allowing safe transfer of up to 25 MW between carriers and terminals It will strengthen the leadership of European shipyard and ship equipment?s industry in this new generation of electric propulsion LNG and container carriers by offering an innovative competitive and environmental advantage The benefits expected can be listed as environmental and economical: -use of LNG/container carriers as temporary power generation units will allow to promote the use of fluctuating renewable power sources by providing a back up supply source at a very competitive cost, corresponding potentially to up to 400 MW of power shadow capability, this represent a reduction of investment for Europe of » 200 Million euros -use of local grid to supply LNG/containers power needs will allow to reduce local and global emissions (» 50 000 tons) PLUG adds strategic value to Europe: It contributes to a more competitive LNG supply and container shipping chain, especially on short sea shipping routes, strengthening technological leadership of European Shipyards and equipment suppliers in electric propulsion systems It contributes to the development of electric propulsion for LNG and container carriers, opening a new market and further strengthening the world leading position of European equipment suppliers. The expected industrial activity generated for PLUG project members of the consortium is estimated at over 10 million euros per year Plug gather 6 partners (who signed a Consortium Agreement) from 3 different countries including 2 SMEs and 1 research centre, and offering 7 training opportunities for researchers and students...

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