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Strengthening the Research Potential of IMGGE through Reinforcement of Biomedical Science of Rare Diseases in Serbia – en route for innovation


SERBORDISinn will enable IMGGE to become the most recognizable molecular genetic (MG) centre in the Balkans. IMGGE is the leading Serbian MG research institution, employing scientists with the highest expertise in molecular biology and molecular genetics. Research in the field of biomedical science of rare diseases (RD) is a major interest of IMGGE’s Laboratory for Molecular Hematology, Laboratory for Molecular Biology, Laboratory for Human Molecular Genetics and Laboratory for Molecular Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms. EU partnering organizations and EU experts, well known for their excellence in the topics related to SERBORDISinn, will be actively involved in the realization of the Project. Consequently, exchange of expertise and experience related to RD would intensify the transfer of knowledge from distinguished EU centers to IMGGE, enabling the implementation of cutting-edge MG approaches for the study of molecular markers of RD. Furthermore, SERBORDISinn will reinforce the establishment of Serbian and Balkan RD-specific databases and biobanks. Building a strong network with medical institutions and adopting protocols for high quality sample handling will facilitate the integration of IMGGE into the European initiative to build a biobank network. State-of-the-art methodologies in biomedical studies and RD biobanks will set up the basis for functional studies of human mutations. This will enable the identification of potential targets, which, in collaboration with an SME, will lead to designing cost-effective diagnostic test kit(s), pushing IMGGE towards innovations, and paving the path to the application of genome-based medicine. The local network to be established, NIRBOS (Research Initiative for RD in Serbia or Naucna Inicijativa za Retke Bolesti u Srbiji, in Serbian), will facilitate the dissemination and exploitation of the SERBORDISinn results. NIRBOS will also provide long-term sustainability of the Project. The implementation of SERBORDISinn will have an impact on unlocking and developing IMGGE’s research and innovation potential, improving public health in Serbia, strengthening cooperation with local partners, as well as Balkan and EU research institutions. SERBORDISinn activities will lead to the establishment of a high proficiency expert centre for MG studies of RD in IMGGE and to the real integration of IMGGE into the ERA.

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Vojvode Stepe 444A
11010 Beograd
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Research Organisations
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Sonja Pavlovic (Dr.)