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Combining Stem Cells and Biomaterials for Brain Repair - Unlocking the Potential of the Existing Brain Research through Innovative In Vivo Molecular Imaging


The main aim of GlowBrain is to unlock the existing research potential of University of Zagreb School of Medicine and respond to an emerging need for combined stem cells and biomaterials applications in brain repair. The already existing platform for mouse brain research is currently involved in research of molecular mechanisms underlying brain damage and repair. It includes the expertise and equipment to assess the brain at system (behavioral analysis, neuroanatomy and neurodevelopment), cellular (microscopy and in vitro techniques) and molecular levels (molecular biology techniques). Through analysis of transgenic mouse models this is combined with competence to introduce the experimental brain damage in form of ischemic injury (MCAO), seizures or stereotaxic lesions.
Here we propose an innovative upgrade of existing facilities to enable simultaneous application of stem cells and biomaterials with the goal to enhance beneficial effects of stem cell therapy. By extending the platform with components for in vivo molecular imaging using bioluminescence and magnetic resonance, the insight in the underlying molecular mechanisms of stem cells and biomaterials applications would be achieved. Innovative multimodal combination of bioluminescent imaging (BLI) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the upgraded platform would enable to follow in real time, in living animals the molecular events in the mouse brain and fine tune consequences and efficiency of stem cell therapies. Together with already existing excellence in neuroscience research, the upgrade would result in a novel and complementary asset to leading European capacities.
Unlocking the research potential of University of Zagreb by assembling a unique platform at European Research Area level would have a high impact for the future cell therapies of the brain diseases. The leading edge research would boost innovations in regenerative medicine field and sustain the upgraded facility in the future.

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