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Science goes social - sending weak signals from your futures


Science Goes Social in Turku, the oldest university town in Finland, with an entertaining scientific programme demonstrating the presence of science in everyday life – and envisioning the future, or, Turku Tomorrow . It will remind of the immediate everyday encounters with science through basic demonstrations e.g. in health, virology and hygiene – and explore the more constitutive elements of the human experience such as genetics, ethics, even love. TurkuTomorrow is designed around a grand event held at the brand new cultural centre Logomo.

The Awareness Campaign utilises social media in introducing 30 nominated researchers, personally and unmediated. They are presented with individual personal histories and ordinary lives, yet standing out from the crowd in communicating that what they want to learn and what they are able to discover will effectively determine our future. The aim of this personal approach is to provide to a simple, low-threshold channel to mobilise the public to take an interest in matters which the average person normally considers distant, too abstract or the property of experts. The project Facebook page serves as a public opinion forum, where science is made political: it encourages everyone to take a stand on issues related to the ethics and the future of research.

Turku Tomorrow offers an experience for all senses: each research station at Logomo is an opportunity to participate personally in experiments, competitions, discussions, and performances. Based on the Awareness Campaign, the Night presents Scholastic debates in the Late Antiquity style, addressing the concerns and dilemmas put to the researchers by the public. All participating researchers will be invited in advance to innovate Weak Signals from their respective fields of expertise. The results are turned into a futuristic main event, the ”Futures Market for Weak Signals”, which is a collective visual picture of something new emerging in each research field in Turku.

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