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La Noche de los Volcanos – an awareness raising Night for the work of volcanologist and geologist scientists


People have been fascinated by volcanoes ever since the dawn of mankind and treated them with utmost respect. The rapid development of converging technological areas, such as informatics, material science or space research multiplied our knowledge of earth processes and created some highly specialised fields within volcanology. At the same time a dramatic gap has formed between the professionals and the public. As a result, in today’s world, the work of volcanologists is nearly as mythical as the work of volcanoes in ancient times. The objective of this project is to address this issue and bridge the gap between scientists and people throughout a dissemination campaign that will reach its peak on 28 September 2012, when Volcanoes’ Night will be organised.

La Palma is the most volcanically active island in the Canary Archipelago and recent underwater activities activities near El Hierro have resulted in increased public attention for any issues that are related to volcanism. The European public also follows up the news with fascination and maybe a bit of unease, still vividly remembering the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, that caused a disruption in air travel on an unprecedented scale. During the Night the work of geologists and volcanologists will be introduced disclosing to the public the unknown sides of their everyday life. The Industry Corner exhibition will give access to European industry representatives, who will explain to role and function of their hardware and software. Elderly people of the island will talk about their recollections of previous eruptions to the younger generations. The exciting live connections with researchers from all over the world, a concert and a fireworks will make this Night an unforgettable one for all those, who will participate.

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