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Open middleware infrastructure initiative for Europe


The Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute for Europe (OMII-Europe) has been established to provide key software components for building e-Infrastructures within the European Research Area (ERA).

The initial focus for OMII-Europe is to facilitate the development and porting of a common set of application level services to a number of major Grid software distributions, and further to develop tighter interoperability between different Grid distributions. This will provide greater application level portability and will thus simplify the use of Grids, especially when those Grids are built on heterogeneous infrastructures. Many of the major Grid software providers such as EGEE, UNICORE, Globus and CROWNgrid are working with OMII-Europe to achieve these goals in a standards-compliant and open-source manner.

OMII-Europe will develop and maintain a repository of quality-assured Grid services that have been re-engineered and sourced from existing open source repositories. Central to OMII-Europe is Quality Assurance. All OMII-Europe-endorsed software components will undergo rigorous testing following a quality assurance methodology published by OMII-Europe.

OMII-Europe positions itself as an impartial broker for potential users of key middleware platforms providing impartial, unbiased advice and services. In line with this, OMII-Europe will initiate development of a Grid benchmarking methodology and publish results on a number of major Grid distributions. This benchmark suite will be made available to the community and OMII-Europe will encourage community benchmark contributions.

The OMII-Europe project brings together 16 partners from Europe, the USA and China in an initial 2-year project involving in excess of 100 staff years of effort and a budget of 4.83 Million Euros. This is a major international initiative that will play a significant part in the overall global effort to take forward the state of the art in Grid technology.

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