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Magnetic Fields in Neutron Stars via Numerical Simulations


Neutron Stars (NSs) are what is left after a massive stars terminates its life in a Supernova Explosion. It was immediately evident the role of rotation and magnetic fields in characterizing their phenomenology. We now know several different class of NSs, whose peculiarities we think are due to their intrinsic magnetic properties. Strong magnetic fields play a crucial role in many high-energy astrophysical systems containing compact objects. Understanding, the role of magnetic field in NS, developing the tools necessary for its correct modeling, and being able to follow its dynamics, has important consequences in other astrophysical fields.

This proposal aims to develop a research line on the physics involving strong magnetic fields in compact objects, and their role in powering high-energy astrophysical engines, through the use of state-of-the-art computational techniques for relativistic MHD. The planned research has a strong numerical focus, which should complement, and enhance the existing theoretical and observational strength points already in place, both within the host institution and its national and international partners. We also plan to make all tools and numerical algorithms that will be developed, available on-line with a dedicated web-site

The complexity of the physics involved makes the study of magnetized NS both challenging for its complexity and interesting for its possible outcomes. Numerical tools and techniques are now mature enough thanks to the recent development of robust and reliable multidimensional numerical schemes for general relativistic MHD, to be applied to the investigation of these systems.

I plan to construct fully consistent magnetized models of NS in General Relativity; to investigate the role of the Equation of State in conjunction with the magnetic field; to investigate the role of magnetic dissipation ad turbulent dynamo ; nd to the magnetosphere-interior relation.

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