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Design and Implementation of a Load Simulator Rig and Ground Test Bench Adaptation Kit for a HEMAS Test Rig


"The TESTHEMAS project will design, manufacture and tune an innovative and smart Test Rig for linear actuators that will be capable of conducting synchronized tests on three assemblies of Helicopter linear Electro Mechanical Actuators (HEMAS) while applying different counterloads on them. This functionality will be controlled and monitored by means of a local control, command and data monitoring system. On the other hand, the test rig will incorporate an adaptation kit able to be inserted in a global test bench simulating an aircraft network called Electrical test Bench (Copper Bird) in such a way that the test rig can be operated remotely including a very versatile data transfer capacity
This actuator test rig will be based on a modular, eco-efficient and adaptive concept by integrating easily exchangeable hydraulic and mechanical components with sensors and control strategies that will allow automatic and autonomous safe operation that will assure optimised lifecycle costs and environmental impacts during HEMAS tests. This innovative concept of actuator test bench will mean thus a positive impact on the safety and working conditions of the end users of the Test Bench as well as a reduction in the time and costs associated to testing linear actuators together with an increase in the quality and reliability of said tests.
The TESTHEMAS system will be tested and validated at several stages: Virtual validation at model level and final experimental validations of the complete system. These sequential and complementary validations will assure thus a reliable, safe and efficient performance of the prototype and will provide data for a deep concept evaluation."

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Parque Cientifico Y Tecnologico De Gipuzkoa Paseo Mikeletegi 2
20009 Donostia/san Sebastian (Gipuzkoa)
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Research Organisations
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€ 683 340
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Francisco Estensoro (Mr.)