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Aeroacoustic and aerodynamic wind tunnel tests at low speed for a turbofan model equipped with TPS


"The noise shielding empennage designs for rear fuselage mounted engines are promising enough to further investigate. Significant noise reduction is one of the main goals of the Clean Sky Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft (SFWA) project.
In order to determine the merits of several alternative designs, extensive wind tunnel testing with enhanced state-of-the-art measuring techniques will be performed.
Tests will be performed on full model with engine jet simulation. Several types of empennages will be tested in order to assess the noise shielding merits of these innovative designs. The acoustic tests will be done in the 8mx6m open test section of DNW-LLF. Furthermore, the aerodynamic interaction of the empennage with the jet exhaust will be tested with the full model in the 8mx6m closed test section, with and without ground effect."

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