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Studies of Polynuclear Clusters for Biomass Conversion


"There are four main objectives:
1) Study the chemical performance of the multidentate amino ligand supported tri- and hexanuclear iron clusters developed by the Betley group. The clusters will be subjected to CO, CO2 and MeOH.
2) Construct novel cluster designs by ligand manipulations. Synthesise new hexanucleating and ""odd"" valued nucleating ligands.
3) Apply the accumulated knowledge on cluster chemistry and their unique properties to use them as mediators for actual organic chemical group transformations with focus on biomass conversion, especially EtOH and monomeric carbohydrates conversion.
4) Development of catalytic versions of these organic transformations.
These objectives will be achieved by:
1) Reaction condition optimisation for the reaction with the given substrate. All the resulting new clusters will be analysed with respect to structure, electronic distribution, and chemical behaviour by reaction with a second substrate. Cluster properties are in focus.
2) The novel ligands will be synthesised using general literature procedures. The new clusters will be made using the experience and know-how in the Betley group.
3) Same procedure as in 1) with the difference that reactivity is in focus here. Novel clusters will be synthesised and employed.
4) Finding two substrates that react while restoring an active cluster allows for a catalytic system. The insight gained in 1-3) will be used.
The relevance to the Work Programme is:
Knowledge and skills on the highest level in the world will be transferred from Harvard University, USA, to DTU, Denmark. The combination of the research fields of polynuclear clusters and biomass conversion has a multidisciplinary character. Hence, it will bring new research platforms to Europe, rendering it highly attractive for the best researchers in the world. Moreover, biomass conversion for energy and chemicals is a very hot topic and sustainable living is part of the Horizon 2020 program described by the European Commission."

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Anders Riisager (Mr.)