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VEry LOw jitter MOde LOcked laser at 780nm for optical sampling applications


"The project investigates prospective configuration of pulsed laser source for the use in photonic assister analog to digital converters. This application oriented project is based on strong interdisciplinary linkage and aims to develop compact, efficient and low cost pulsed sources.

System requirements for a pulsed laser source are to be met by means of mode-locking from either monolithic laser diode or fibred external cavity system. The core of this project is based on an iterative process of multiple runs and each represents the full process which combines different skills and procedures which include the design, fabrication, testing, modelling and the delivery of an improved design.

Throughout the project, the fellow, who owns a solid academic background in laser physics will have the opportunity to perform industrial research and development in a fertile and diversified scientific environment provide by the host institution. This environment will stimulate the fellow to reach professional maturity. This application oriented research will contribute to the European Excellence in the field of photonics."

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1 Avenue Augustin Fresnel Campus Polytechnique
91767 Palaiseau Cedex
Activity type
EU contribution
€ 194 046,60
Administrative Contact
Denis Mazerolle (Dr.)