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Development of Advanced Renewable Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation Technology


The project is aimed at developing the nanoscience and technology required for efficient production of hydrogen fuels by using H2O and solar energy as sources. It is basically a laboratory based research work, which includes the design and development of hierarchical Schottky nanostructures (HSNs) and thereby Solar Fuel Cells (SFC) for hydrogen fuels. Today, the realization of technology to harvest the solar radiation into various forms is a crucial and significant task since presently available conventional energy sources are fossil, hazardous and expensive. Recently, nanostructured materials, building blocks of various devices, have received great attention due to their large aspect ratio, surface area and unique physical and chemical properties. In this direction, the proposed project is aimed to develop a new class nanostructures i.e. HSNs and investigate their performance as photocatalyst. Initially, we will develop a high quality HSNs using three-step process: seeding, first order nanostructures (nanorods as stems), and second order hierarchical structures (nanoparticles, nanohairs, nanorods). Then, we will probe the impact of growth conditions on their physical and chemical properties. Finally, the best quality HSNs will be adopted for the development of SFCs and studied their photocatalytic performance as a Nano Reactor for Hydrogen Fuel (NRforHF).

Field of science

  • /engineering and technology/environmental engineering/energy and fuels/fuel cell
  • /engineering and technology/environmental engineering/energy and fuels/renewable energy/solar energy
  • /natural sciences/earth and related environmental sciences/atmospheric sciences/meteorology/solar radiation
  • /engineering and technology/nanotechnology/nano-materials
  • /engineering and technology/environmental engineering/energy and fuels

Call for proposal

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Funding Scheme

MC-IIF - International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)


Unter Den Linden 6
10117 Berlin
Activity type
Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
EU contribution
€ 168 794,40
Administrative Contact
Renate Ubachs (Ms.)