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Observing, Linking, Coordinating and Consolidating RTD actions in Europe by 2010 in order to support effective and efficient innovation on sustaiNable Production processes with the use of IT technologies


CLEAN_PROD project is led by CETIM to observe, link, coordinate and consolidate RTD activities between 8 Member States (B, Fin, Fr, D, I, P, Es and UK). It deals with 3 classes of environmentally unfriendly processes which can be improved using, amongst others, IT technologies: forming / tooling, surface treatment, coating. These processes impact many industrial sectors (aerospace, automotive, energy, agrofood). First, barriers that prevent effective coordination are identified; comparing lessons learnt from past or existing coordinated research projects in Europe and beyond. Next, 2020 European visions for the development of sustainable manufacturing processes in these three sectors are designed, involving creative interactions between professional associations (industry voice), environmental agencies and technology research centres. Based on the FUTMAN scenarios for Europe development by 2020, research roadmaps are proposed, pinpointing R&D topics that need to be coordinated at EU level and the ones that can stay at Member State level for the above 3 classes of processes.

A European Observatory on sustainable manufacturing is launched during year 2 of the coordination action: it will become the permanent European knowledge provider for industry on these matters. Finally, a first set of coordination activities are implemented based on decisions taken during R&D coordination workshops to be organised by professional associations and national environmental agencies. The first outcomes of such coordination activities are presented during the European CLEAN MECA conference (CETIM, 2008): a set of structured and coordinated research programmes at EU level will contribute to give the European manufacturing Technology Platform a new dimension with respect to sustainability issues: a permanent working group within the platform is made operational and able to deal with in other areas of clean/sustainable manufacturing.

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