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Spectroscopy Combined with Optical Polarization for Endoscopy


"Multispectral imaging system is proposed to fit in a rigid endoscope for aiding reflectance spectroscopy and observing auto fluorescence This will allow simultaneous recording of stereoscopic and spectral images with the aim to develop a near real time, three dimensional 3D imaging tool, which can detect spatial distribution of various molecules and the evaluation of the properties of tissue chromophores such as Oxy and Deoxy Haemoglobin. Contrast enhancing methods are proposed to aid diagnosis. Further development of this instrumentation could be used for intraoperative imaging, for screening precancerous dysplasia, for detecting and mapping suspicious sites in the peritoneum, the liver and kidney, for visualizing of the bile duct and observing the oxygenation status of organs and evaluating transplant organ viability.

Epithelia dysplasia is an early form of precancerous lesions with high probability of transition to high grade dysplasia (carcinoma in situ) and invasive cancer. Early diagnosis of dysplasia may allow faster interventions and improve the outcome for the patients. Traditionally dysplasia is regognisable by pathologist with biopsy. During this procedures a tiny fraction of the affected tissue is selected for pathological examination, and has a low probability of detection because dysplasia is highly focal and visually indistinguishable.
There is a high clinical demand for developing non invasive methods for large area tissue surveillance and discriminating healthy from diseased tissues with particular interest for cancer screening.
In response to this a Multispectral Imaging system is proposed to fit in a rigid endoscope and provide high field of view imaging with spectroscopic analysis. Reflectance spectroscopy and autofluorescence will allow simultaneous characterisation of tissue morphology and haemodynamic measurements.
Contrast enhancing methods based on polarization and laser speckle pattern analysis are proposed to in"

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