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Global Energy Assessment: Dissemination within the EU


This project will serve to launch the dissemination campaign for the analyses and findings of the Global Energy Assessment (GEA). The proposed funding will support two outreach events in late 2012, in London and Brussels, aimed at beginning a dialogue between GEA experts and the energy stakeholders who are faced with critical energy policy questions, to help develop pathways to energy policies for sustainable global development.The aim of these two events is to ensure that decision makers in EU governments and industries are aware of and able to use the results of this 6-year international project to inform their deliberations. A parallel purpose is to call the attention of the global press to the value of the report's analyses for decision makers and analysts around the world.
The requested funding will support the meeting costs of the two meetings, including materials, preparation, travel, video, and report preparation:
The one-day dialogue meeting in Brussels will focus on the GEA as a comprehensive energy analysis, offering a framework for considering energy pathways aimed at achieving multiple policy goals.
The one-day conference in London will focus on issues related to policies, technologies, and financing for energy access.

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