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Multidimensional Spectroscopy at the Attosecond frontier

Final Report Summary - MIDAS (Multidimensional Spectroscopy at the Attosecond frontier)

Attosecond science has revolutionized our ability to resolve electron dynamics on its natural time scale. Currently, one of the main challenges in this field is imposed by the multiple degrees of freedom inherent to strong light-matter interaction. The main goal of the MIDAS project was to establish novel approaches in attosecond time-resolved measurement. Specifically, we aimed at integrating multidimensional approaches into attosecond science in order to decouple its primary degrees of freedom. Over the past five years we have established novel measurement schemes were we demonstrate multidimensional attosecond spectroscopy. Our scheme enabled us to resolve fundamental phenomena at the attosecond frontiers.This project was highly successful and led to important breakthroughs in the study and control of fundamental attosecond scale phenomena in the gas phase. We developed basic schemes for controlling the polarization state of attosecond pulses (D. Azoury et al., Nature Photonics, 13, 198 (2019)) and characterizing their temporal profile (O. Pedatzur, et al., Nature Photonics 13, 91 (2019). Multidimensional HHG spectroscopy enabled us to resolve fundamental phenomena, such as field-induced tunnelling (O. Pedatzur, et al. Nature Physics 11, 811 (2015), G. Porat, et al., Nature Comm. 9 (2018)), photoionization (D. Azoury et al., Nature Comm. 8 (2017), D. Azoury et al., Nature Photonics 13, 54 (2019) and multi-channel dynamics in molecules (B. D. Bruner et al., Faraday Discussions (2016)).