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High dense smart power capacitor


"Due to reduction of losses and optimization in aircraft designs, aircrafts are on being more electrical. This perspective takes place in an environmental respect context. One main goal of CleanSky project is to improve Systems for Green Operations (SOG). Management of Aircraft Energy (MAE) is one of the most important challenges. HDSPC project takes place in this context.
In this kind of specific products, EUROFARAD heritage in plastic film capacitors is fundamental. Moreover, a good comprehension in customer requirements (mechanical, electrical, thermal …etc.) is essential for the actual demand but also to understand problematic for future design. Management of aircraft energy leads EUROFARAD to focus on the same goals than our customers:
- Higher working temperatures
- Higher energy density (also means weight reduction)
- Possibility for sensing capacitors for self-diagnostics (lifetime and control)
During HDSPC project, our main goals will be to improve our technology in term of working temperature and miniaturization. A special attention will be paid on material analyses and choices: both plastics polymers for capacitors but also capacitor covering materials in aeronautics environment. Moreover, R&T will be done on SMART capacitor, with the main goal of providing physically integrated (into the capacitor) solution for sensing “state of the capacitor” under electrical control signals."

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