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London Innovation Relay Centre


LIRC will increase TTT activity between Greater London and Europe by drawing on the proven good practice and working relationships of London Technology Network (LTN) to build a pipeline of TTT, sustain it through networking and manage it professionally. LIRC will support and develop the TTT with London's business and university communities. London's business community is large (16% of the UK total) but lags on innovation. London's university community is also large (over 25% of UK public research funding), especially in medicine with Europe's 2 largest medical schools. TTT is enabled by London's internationally diverse population and supported by low cost air travel enabling economic business networking. LIRC will be efficient in TTT as it draws on Lon's experienced technologists, professional event management, privileged access to London's academic technologists, and excellent working relationships with London-centric and national organisations with a technology transfer remit. LTN is a not-for-profit TT organisation, funded by UK government, and governed by a board including the TT officers of London's largest research universities. LTN has engaged and trained over 80 leading researchers to act as liaison points for TT from their departments, mapping the technologies of their peers and promoting them events which have already generated many TT agreements. LIRC will recruit 100 companies per year, and train an employee from each (an Innovation Fellow) to identify corporate TO/TRs and promote their technology portfolios through TTT Days and Technology Missions LIRC will form and support a series of Special Interest Groups bringing together all parts of the community interested in technology-based innovation relevant to their sector. These Innovation Friendly Environments will influence and support all LIRC activities. A vibrant and dynamic IRC embedded in London will have enormous benefit for London and the IRC network generating 20 TTT agreement

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