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Estonian Innovation Relay Centre


ESTIRC consortium will undertake activities which will contribute to the objectives of promoting transnational technology transfer, promoting exploitation of European Community research results, improving the technological capacity of firms to absorb new technologies and improving the innovation environment in Estonia. Proposers are targeting in this effort all territory of Estonia and are orienting the services towards SMEs and different research institutions. Partners will provide high quality transnational technology transfer advisory service implemented with general information and support services. All services to be undertaken will be client and result oriented and focused on the real needs and local circumstances of Estonian SMEs and research community. Main activities of the project are:
1)Promoting and facilitating transnational technology transfer from other European countries to the Estonian companies
2)Facilitating technology potential originating from research and SMEs in Estonia to other European countries
3)Increasing the technological capacity of local SMEs to absorb new technologies
4)Supporting the exploitation of Community research results
5)Seeking synergies with and signposting to other European and national innovation support networks and initiatives

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