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Threaded Molecular wires as supramoLecularly engineered multifunctional Materials


THREADMILL aims at enabling cross-disciplinary training and research at the interface between Supra-molecular Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Nanoscience. The overall goal is the generation of new knowledge underpinning the exploitation of supra-molecular wires (namely conjugated polyrotaxanes) in the fabrication and investigation of prototypical systems, both at the level of single-molecule devices, and of large-area polymer applications (LEDs, PVDs, ultra-fast photonic switches).

The training and research objectives of THREADMILL are:
1 Supra-molecular synthesis. Engineering of van der Waals, ionic, and p-p stacking interactions, leading to prototypes of multifunctional nanowires. Special emphasis on polyelectrolytic, conjugated polyrotaxanes. Synthetic and processing breakthroughs sought by combining Anderson synthetic chemistry expertise with that on ionic liquids of Mecerreyes.
2 Nano-fabrication of electrodes nanostructures (metals and conductive plastics)
3 Self-organisation. Self-assembly of hybrid metallic-supra-molecular architectures. Scanning probes, XPS, and TOF-SIMS.
4 Applications I: single-molecule devices. Fabrication of organic nano-optoelectronic devices incorporating prototypes of supra-molecular wires operating at surfaces.
5 Tran sport studies. Measurement of charge transport and mobility in organic semi-conducting wires bonded between homogeneous/heterogeneous electrodes. A theory component will be provided by collaboration with an independent, ongoing project at UCL. Details and a letter of support will be provided if invited to submit a full proposal.
6 Ultra-fast spectroscopy. evaluation of the TMWs potential for ultra-fast switches. General photophysical characterisation of ultra-fast processes.
7 Applications II: large area devices. optoelectronic devices incorporating large ensembles of the supra-molecular wires. Target applications: LEDs and photovoltaic diodes.
8 Dissemination and strategic development.

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