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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Technical Bridge between Russian and European Online Infrastructures for Innovations

Final Report Summary - TECHBRID (Technical Bridge between Russian and European Online Infrastructures for Innovations)

The project has been aimed at promoting innovation and exchange of research results for the purpose of improving interaction between EU and Russian innovation players through creation of prerequisites and technical mechanisms for automated data exchange between existing European online infrastructures and the Russian online infrastructure under development. The major objective of the TECHBRID project was to narrow the gap between the performance of European and Russian innovation systems and to enable a better interaction between EU and Russian innovation players.

TECHBRID project stemmed from the SININ project launched by the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which resulted in the establishment of an important element of the national digital information space for improving the communication and interactions between Russian innovation players, including research and development (R&D) and innovation agencies, industry, finance, government, etc.

The TECHBRID project imparts transnational dimension to SININ ideas, integrates the Russian information systems and the relevant European innovation-support online services by establishing technical conditions and mechanisms for automated data exchange, and enables information flow in two directions.

The TECHBRID project output created a virtual information space of accumulated innovation data and an infrastructure of online services of supporting according dataflow. This complex system promotes the transfer of knowledge and improves innovation performance by stimulating a better integration between research and innovation. The project creates a more innovation-friendly environment in Russia, promotes the transfer and exploitation of research results and technologies from research to industry and facilitates the inclusion of Russia in the European innovation-support and technology transfer networks. It results in the intensification of the two-way flow of information about innovative technologies and technology transfer by facilitating the search for technologies and dissemination of offers of innovative technologies and products within the network.

Both Russian and European researchers and companies benefit from the project: the former get support in the exploitation of their research results, and in the transfer of technologies they have developed, and in partner search throughout Europe, the latter - in provision of information about the technologies they need to innovate.

The project made a contribution to the improvement of transnational communication between suppliers and consumers of innovations; bridging information gaps between R&D community and high-technology industry by speeding up the transfer cycle of innovation-related information.

Through the exchange of networking experience on the promotion and dissemination of information for supporting innovation processes between Russian and European experts, the TECHBRID project strived for achieving better understanding on the necessity and real means of virtual integration of various resources / services into a unified online infrastructure and practical ways for doing this.

TECHBRID team efforts in the establishment of a core of unified online infrastructure with real international examples resulted in emergence of a working prototype of a concept and tools, which can be practically exploiting and adopting, in the public domain. This infrastructure has now a potential for application as a pilot online service among other services pertaining to the European and Russian research and innovation area.

On the Russian side one of the main users of TECHBRID project results is Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), because SININ / TECHBRID concept, tools and accumulated information resources together with Socionet system (see online) have became a technical / information basis for implementing among research institutes (at the first stage, 29 organisations of Social Sciences Department of RAS) a policy of open access to research (see online), including mandating of self-archiving for researchers, developing online metrics for evaluating of professional results of players activity, and so on. Added value of using TECHBRID makes RAS programme a complex that includes collections of innovation materials, tools for harvesting metadata, online workbench, etc.

In Europe, one of the main users of TECHBRID results is euroCRIS association, members of which cooperate with the project team in:
a) using CERIF compatible data formats for making interoperability among different information systems in the 'many-to-many' mode (CERIF task group of euroCRIS);
b) connecting different multi-language information systems for regular data exchange in automated mode (IST-WORLD project);
c) providing access to Russian data about innovations for local national users (euroCRIS members from Germany, Norway, United Kingdom), and so on.

It is expected that further operation of the TECHBRID will result in stronger integration of Russian and European innovation information resources and better interactions between EU and Russia actors in innovation sphere.