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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Services for Collaborative Aeronautical Technical research


Aeronautical industries have provoked important developments in Europe's infrastructure. They have contributed massively to the economies of Europe and the wealth of a number of its regions; they employ a huge workforce (more than 1 million jobs) and, through exports, contribute strongly to Europe's ability to develop the quality of life of its citizens.

Aeronautical SMEs having a significant involvement in the supply chain in Europe represent some 7,000 companies. In the fifth and sixth EU Framework Programmes their involvement in EC funded research, has been supported by Accompanying Measures funded Projects like AeroSME (ASD) and SCRATCH.

SMEs awareness has considerably increased, expressed needs from SMEs are actual, SCRATCH Partners background and acquired know how is growing permanently to the benefit of SMEs in creating effective consortia and in preparing serviced SME STREP proposals.

SCRATCH major added value, at every Aeronautical call for proposals, remains high: 50% of evaluated proposals led by small enterprises come from SCRATCH. SMEs are now leading European RTD (Research and Technical Development) projects fitting with their needs, capabilities and expected time to product.

From late 1997 to early 2005, 32 contracts (around 45 M? budget), born from SCRATCH, have been signed between the Commission Aeronautical Unit, and small enterprises. SCRATCH partners will endeavour to continuously improve the present situation by means of direct contacts with a larger number of SMEs.

14 partners from FR, NL, IL, UK, DE, GR, PT, RO, PL, CZ, CA, IE, DK and HU, having expertise in Aeronautics bring their know-how and capabilities in SCRATCH with the final goal to service and submit 10 led STREPs in the field of the Aeronautical Programme for the future first Aeronautical call for proposals in FP7. SCRATCH duration is expected to be from June 06 to May 07.

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