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Sustainable Nuclear Fission Technology Platform


The long-term contribution of nuclear energy to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions could be greatly increased by introducing sustainable nuclear energy technologies.

Sustainability means:
(i) minimizing the amount, the thermal load, and the toxicity of nuclear waste in geological disposal following the ALARA principle,
(ii) efficient use of uranium and thorium resources.

The overall objective of the proposed Sustainable Nuclear Fission Technology Platform (SNF-TP) is to develop a coherent European strategy and to provide the mechanisms for consolidating and deciding future joint undertakings within the EURATOM Treaty. The SNF-TP would also consolidate the European and EURATOM positions within the GIF-initiative, including waste management related to closed fuel cycles involving fast neutron reactors. The Platform would not propose to take decisions regarding the EU fission budget, but it would provide the forum for establishing future proposed projects for the EURATOM Framework Program.

The SNF-TP has four sub-goals, as follows:
A) Establishing a sustainable, closed fuel cycle for electricity production using innovative (Generation IV) fast neutron reactor systems in conjunction with partitioning and transmutation (P and T) technologies;
B) Establishing a commercially viable Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) for process heat and hydrogen production;
C) Improving the performance of currently operating (Generation II) and future near-term (Generation III) Light Water Reactors (LWR) while maintaining a high degree of safety, establishing a unified approach of LWR life time extension, and assessing the SCWR;
D) Assuring adequate training to preserve and enhance the human competence in the nuclear field, and maintaining/renewing the infrastructure necessary for achieving sustainability of nuclear energy. Cooperating with the other EU-Projects, especially the hydrogen platform, geological waste disposal, and fusion material activities.

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