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Advanced Thermal Analysis System in Poland

Final Activity Report Summary - ATHAS-POLAND (Advanced THermal Analysis System in Poland)

The project was generated to reintegrate into European Research Area (ERA) of Dr Marek Pyda who had worked in the United States (US) for more than 10 years as researcher in the field of physical chemistry of polymers.

Summary of work and results of Dr hab Marek Pyda and his ATHAS group performed during this project of two years between 1 April 2006 and 31 March 2008 can be divided into the following categories:
(i) Dr Pyda's return to Poland and undertook a scientific position in academia;
(ii) the transfer and set-up of the Advanced THermal Analysis System (ATHAS) laboratory in Poland;
(iii) the transfer of scientific knowledge and know-how in form of teaching in courses and novel scientific research;
(iv) the development of new lines of research at Rzeszow University of Technology(RzUniTech).

First of all, Dr Pyda has returned to Poland and undertook a scientific position, first as an adjunct, and subsequently after his habilitation in 2006, he is employed as a Professor of Rzeszow University of Technology (RzUniTech) in Rzeszow, Poland.

As results, the ATHAS laboratory was transferred from the Knoxville, TN, US to Rzeszow Poland including a part of the ATHAS data bank. All the equipment at Dr hab Pyda's disposal was transferred to Albigowa, under the direction of Rzeszow University of Technology in Rzeszow, Poland and is now available to the ATHAS group.

During two years of this project, Prof. Pyda has conducted research and teaching at the Faculty of Chemistry, Rzeszow University of Technology. The scientific achievements and activities related to the project plan were achieved. Prof. Pyda has improved the quality of the scientific research on thermal properties of polymers carried out in the Faculty of Chemistry and in the University of Technology Rzeszow. Results from teaching and research activities were presented as oral presentations and poster materials in international and national conferences and meetings, as publications in journals, or in other fashions. In the two years of this project, Prof. Pyda's activities can be summarised by: the number of undergraduate (6) and graduate(1) students involved in the study and scientific work; the number of published (3) and prepared papers (4); participation in conferences (8); new ATHAS website with data bank; cooperation with a number of laboratories (6); and teaching and giving lectures for students across Poland, Europe and the world.

Results of the transfer of Prof. Pyda's knowledge and the ATHAS lab achievements as pointed out above indicate the significant improvement and contribution to the Faculty Chemistry of RzUniTech., as well as to national and international scientific communities.