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Phytoplankton dynamics in systems dominated by variable forcing


I propose to re-establish my research group specializing in the comprehension and quantification of phytoplankton dynamics through modelling, experimentation, and field studies following my move from the CSIRO in Australia to the CNRS (at the University of Rennes 1) in France.

The main area of investigation of the group will be the study of interactions between physical, chemical and biological processes in the dynamics and diversity of aquatic ecosystems, and in particular the conditions giving rise to al gal blooms. To study this complex system, a multidisciplinary approach combining numerical methods, experimentation in controlled environments and field observations is needed. This multidisciplinary approach was successful in Australia and has let to an improved understanding of causes of algal blooms in rivers leading to efficient mitigations solutions.

The innovation of the proposed research lies is the multidisciplinary approach being proposed, in the development of new instrumentation and in the questions that it addresses about the role of adaptive strategies of specific algae including cyanobacteria in species competition. Funding is requested for equipment, chemical analyses, and travel. The proposed research will contribute to enhance EU scientific excellence by facilitating the return of a European Researcher after almost twenty years of research activities overseas (in Canada and Australia) and will promote her re-integration within the European research community and in particular within France an d ECOBIO in Rennes.

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