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Mangrove ecosystems, communities and conflict: developing knowledge-based approaches to reconcile multiple demands


This project is designed to provide a detailed multidisciplinary situation analysis of mangrove ecosystem resources, functions and management at three sites in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The different factors analysed will include, the ecological characteristics and functions of the mangrove ecosystem, and adjacent coastal areas; livelihood strategies of households dependent on goods and services derived from mangroves; institutional features, including local, national & international policy/legislation, describing trajectories of change, stakeholder values associated with mangroves, and conflicts/tensions. Community participation will be encouraged to ensure that new knowledge is accessible for collective decision-making and development of policies for the equitable use of coastal zones, especially mangroves. Methods and simple indicators for participatory monitoring and evaluation of impacts on the mangrove ecosystem will be developed. This will be followed by the formulation, in collaboration with stakeholders and local communities, of Action Plans designed to reconcile multiple demands (RMD). These Action Plans to RMD will be implemented by the stakeholders at the three sites in Southeast Asia and the ecosystem, livelihoods and institutional impacts assessed through participatory monitoring and evaluation. High potential strategies will be identified and guidelines and policy brief materials developed to promote uptake and policy development. All findings and conclusions will be disseminated through appropriate communication media, project reports and bulletins in local languages, scientific papers and guidelines and policy briefs. This project aims to lead to the reconciliation of multiple demands placed on mangroves and adjacent coastal zones in Southeast Asia.

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