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Translating innate immune receptor function into diagnostic and therapeutic applications for atherosclerosis


The immune system has a major role in atherosclerosis and its innate and adaptive arms jointly and separately co-determine atherosclerotic disease initiation and progression. The search for approaches to modulate the inflammatory response in atherosclerotic disease is still in its infancy. Inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have much longer been recognized as immune disorders and hence are much ahead in development of therapeutics targeting inflammation.

A multidisciplinary approach will stimulate the discovery of immune modulating compounds to treat atherosclerotic disease. Thereto, the current project joins forces of three SMEs owing unique proprietary complementary technology together with four academic groups, which are actively involved in the field of cardiovascular disease and immune modulation. Research groups work dedicated to SMEs to develop new and test pre-existing lead compounds that modulate the innate or adaptive immune response and subsequent atherosclerotic disease. In addition, diagnostic markers will be exploited that reflect the severity of atherosclerotic disease based on innate receptor ligands and responsiveness, focused on TLR and NOD receptors.

In work packages (WP) 1 and 2 targets for intervention, that have been discovered using an integrated genomics or proteomics approach, will be validated and antagonists constructed using both small molecule and antibody technology. WP 1 will focus on innate receptor signalling, WP 2 will address the therapeutic and diagnostic value of TLR ligands and responsiveness. In WP 3 and 4, the properties of therapeutic lead compounds and diagnostic modalities that are based on modification of the innate and adaptive immune response will be assessed using state of the art in vitro and animal model systems. This STREP will significantly advance the position of three SME based on a multidisciplinary approach, and will promote therapy and diagnosis for a disease with high socio-economic impact.

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