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Content archived on 2024-06-16

Secretariat of the Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the future.

Final Report Summary - SMARTGRIDS-TPS (Secretariat of the Technology Platform for the Electricity Networks of the future)

The objective of the SMARTGRIDS-TPS project was to establish a secretariat to support SMARTGRIDS in terms of efficient, impartial and transparent management of platform activities, projects, results and communication strategy and contribute to achieving the statutory platform objectives and ensure their highest quality.

The specific objectives of the secretariat were:
- to facilitate and coordinate the participation of the European Community and Member State stakeholders at public and private level who are involved in the future electricity networks, in the formulation and implementation of an integrated research strategy for the electricity networks of the future in Europe;
- to promote and drive the definition and design of new projects and activities directed towards achieving and furthering the specific objectives of the platform;
- to obtain high-quality results in terms of activities executed by the platform through the regular progress and quality reviews of both platform activities deliverables and results;
- to disseminate these results to the energy sector in general and particularly to involved actors.

The three main pillars upon which the platform secretariat was to be maintained were the following:
- monitoring and organisational support to the platform groups;
- administration and quality of the reports and deliverables;
- information and communication functions.
The six work packages in which the project was structured were built on these three pillars.

The secretariat has coordinated communications and information among members and different platform groups in an efficient manner. External communications of the platform have also been managed by the secretariat, i.e. phone calls, official e-mail mailbox ( postal address. The secretariat has been involved in all dissemination actions, and has coordinated links with other activities in during the project.

A good example is the last involvement in task force inside the European Road and Transport Advisory Council (ERTRAC); this task force for electrification has prepared an European Roadmap for electrification of transport vehicles in Europe. The secretariat has actively participated in several ERTRAC taskforce workshops and events related, representing the SMARTGRIDS platform and providing input for the roadmap, as well as informing SMARTGRIDS advisory council members. As a result of these interactions between groups and initiatives, further cooperation has been increasing leading to a wider knowledge of grid-related initiatives of members of the platform and secretariat. The secretariat actively participated in other dissemination events, beyond the requirements of the contract.

The main results and deliverables of the Technology Platform SMARTGRIDS (vision paper, strategic research agenda, strategic deployment document, and other docs) are published in the website (found at online) and in some cases printed versions (sponsored by the European Commission, or printed in regular paper).