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Interactive access control with Trust Management for pervasive autonomic Networks


An autonomic network is characterized by the self-management and self-configuration of its constituent nodes. In an autonomic network each node is responsible for the management and enforcement of its own security policies with a high degree of autonomy. The major feature of an autonomic network is the on demand federation and integration of heterogeneous services with no central authority and no unified security infrastructure. This autonomic scenario poses new security challenges that require novel environment- and self-aware (fine-grained) access and trust management model, which will be the subject of the research proposal.

Interactive Access Control model (IAC) helps servers to compute on the fly missing credentials needed for a client to get access to a service. In cases of arbitrary (non-monotonic) security policies the model detects inconsistent policy states and performs a recovery step by finding conflicting credentials that violate the policy. The work on Semantic Access Control (SAC) considers semantic properties of clients, resources, context and credentials in order to face interoperability of authorizations between different application domains. The challenges placed ahead are to investigate and explore possible synergies between IAC and SAC models in order to provide novel access and trust management model for highly dynamic autonomic networks.

The new model will protect security interests with respect to disclosure of information and access control on client and server sides, thus allowing two entities to automatically negotiate requirements (establish mutual trust) to access a service. Finally, a prototype implementation will be developed. It will be performed experimental assessments on running performance, feasibility and scalability in order to justify, improve and conclude the effectiveness of the research proposal.

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