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Assessment and prediction of sediment dynamics within olive orchards


The problem of soil erosion is well known and affects large part of the EU. Because of biophysical conditions, the Mediterranean region is among the most susceptible areas. Nevertheless, very little is known on past and present soil erosion rates in olive orchards, a land use type characterized by dramatic erosion rates but at the same time economically and socially very important in this region. Also, traditional erosion models do not perform well in such orchards because of the complex topography with tre e islands. This research proposal aims to assess and predict erosion and sediment deposition dynamics in olive orchards.
Expected outcomes of the project are:
(i) a thorough knowledge of sediment dynamics and its controlling factors within olive orchards, both at present as in the historical past;
(ii) a model that can handle the particular situation within such orchards, based on lattice Boltzmann cellular automata models, to simulate these dynamics;
(iii) assessment based on model predictions- of the efficiency of possible soil conservation measures, which can then be used to scientifically support policy decisions.
The project will allow the solicitant, with a strong background in soil science and experimental geomorphology, to gain proficiency in modelling and computational flow dynamics.

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