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Gender, Mobility and Career Progression in the European and the New Zealand scientific Markets


The present proposal aims at examining the relationship between scientific excellence, human mobility and gender equality in the context of the European Union and the New Zealand scientific markets. It considers the tension present in the development of measures to secure the recruitment and retention of highly skilled women through the promotion of family-friendly policies on the one hand and the increasing relationship between career progression and mobility on the other.

The study will focus on the flow of post-doctorates between New Zealand and the EU (specifically the UK). It will consider the implications of academic mobility for the EU/UK and New Zealand and for individual scientists and their families. Building on previous work, it will address issue s of gender equality and life-course in terms of the differential opportunity mobility presents and its impact on recruitment, retention and progression in scientific career. The research aims to inform policy both in terms of enhancing the benefits of mobility to receiving countries and to mitigate the effects of this on the sending countries. Ultimately the aim of this study is to develop a better understanding of the factors shaping the career progression and representation of women in highly skilled, scientific, labour markets through detailed comparative inter-disciplinary research.

This project will combine a range of research methods including legal and policy analysis at EU, UK and New Zealand level. The following areas of policy will be covered: legal and social barriers to mobility; labour market participation of women and men; representation of men and women in scientific careers; and family friendly policies including support with child care and flexible working. Interviews will be conducted wit h policy makers and legal experts to identify policy concerns and best practices in this area. Further qualitative interviews will be conducted with post-doctorates and their families.

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