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The problem of toleration in multicultural society: Time for New Views


The project is devoted to research in the field of theory and practice of toleration in multicultural societies with special attention to be paid to comparative analysis of Western and Eastern European societies.

The project addresses an obvious need for a new understanding of toleration in culturally, religiously and socially divers societies through overcoming limitations of traditional liberal approach to the problem.

Three steps are necessary to develop this theory:
- to historicize the idea of toleration, then
- to analyse these paradigms by means of philosophical investigation and, finally,
- to place them in the framework of contemporary society in order to clarify the relations between toleration and identity, toleration and the liberal state, toleration and democracy and so on.

This last part of the project involves comparative analysis of Eastern and Western European societies with the aim of finding paradigms of promoting toleration, relevant for these societies.

This means that this project is a constitutively comparative and multidisciplinary one, because it begins as a research in the history of ideas, it continues as a politico-philosophical project and, finally, it comes to its end in comparative investigation of what is usually understood as an area of sociology.

The main methods to be used are the methods of conceptual history, discourse analysis, constructivist methods and the methods of comparative analysis.

The results of the project will be an educational conception of the methods and tools of promoting toleration in Western and Eastern Europe and a theory of toleration, expressed in a series of articles, a book and electronic publications.

As such, the project corresponds to previous projects of the researcher and will be continued after the end of the fellowship as well.

Field of science

  • /social sciences/political science/political communication
  • /humanities/history and archaeology/history
  • /humanities/philosophy, ethics and religion/philosophy/political philosophy

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Funding Scheme

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